HOW TO STYLE: The White Sneaker

HOW TO STYLE: The White Sneaker

July 07, 2017

The epitome of fresh and cool, the white sneaker is a staple in every Piper Girl’s wardrobe. Easy to pair with everything; this shoe is a must have.
Today we’re featuring our favourite sneakers, the Dept. Of Finery's Dixie Premium white leather sneaker and Superga's 2750 Cotu Classics available in both white leather and canvas. We’ve curated four looks that will easily carry you from day to night.








Tips to keep your sneakers pristine white
  • Before you wear your sneakers, it's important to always use a protective spray. This will ensure your new sneakers repel any dirt and water. Spray them once before wear and continue to reapply each time you clean your shoes (this tip can also be used on other shoes in your shoe-drobe).

  • Try using a Magic eraser to remove scuffs on your leather shoes. Dip the eraser into water and use it to buff out any scuffs or stains. After you're done wipe your shoes down with a wet cloth. Make sure you don't use this trick on coloured leather though, it may remove the dye and ruin your favourite shoes! 

  • For fresh white laces soak them in water and baking soda. After soaking for a 10 or so minutes gently hand wash to remove any residual dirt. Good as new!

  • Store your shoes indoors away from sunlight to keep them looking their brightest. Extended exposure to UV rays can lead to fading and discolouration of your sneakers if you are not careful.  


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