The Formal Series | PART 2 | It's all about the accessories!

The Formal Series | PART 2 | It's all about the accessories!

July 18, 2017

So you've picked the perfect dress... now it's time to get you sorted with the right accessories. 'Cause you know it's all in the details!
Keep reading to see our favourite picks from Amber Sceats and Reliquia.


Fine or costume jewellery are both great for adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit. Make choosing the right accessories for yourself easier by selecting a colour and type of metal that compliments your dress.
If you're wearing a solid colour, go for multi-coloured statement pieces to make your outfit pop.
Wearing a printed dress? Stick with a single coloured stone/gem and one type of metal.
Show off your neckline by wearing a statement necklace or layer chokers and shorter length necklaces for a glam look.
Wear your hair in an on-trend textured pony tail to show off your statement earrings.


Clockwise L-R Amber Sceats - Emma Choker $259, Amber Sceats - Ruby Choker (silver) $229, Amber Sceats - Demi Choker (silver) $229, Reliquia Gold Mini Lucky Coin Pendant $130, Amber Sceats - Amber Earring $149, Amber Sceats London Collar $189, Amber Sceats Ryder Bracelet (silver) $189, Reliquia Mini Cross Earrings $140, Amber Sceats Bar Earrings $129, Amber Sceats Saber Earrings $159



A Piper styling favourite, belts can drastically change up your look. Make sure to cinch the belt at the narrowest part of your waistline to help you get the coveted hourglass figure.

Try our gold and silver metallic bar belts for black or darker coloured dresses. Match the type of metal to your chosen metal colour in your jewellery to maintain a cohesive look.

Mix it up and wear our Amber Sceats crystal chokers as a belt! The suede and leather ties make it perfect to wrap around and tie at the waist.


Clockwise L-R  Piper Lane Gold Bar Elastic Belt $39.95 (available in store only), Amber Sceats Jade Choker $199, Piper Lane Angelina Gown (Emerald) $349.95, Amber Sceats Jasmine Choker $189, Piper Lane Sweet William Dress (red) $299.95, Piper Lane Gold Bar Belt $59.95 (available in store only), Piper Lane Adele Maxi Dress (khaki)  $349.95


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