About Superga

When you think of Superga, the words classic and all-rounder comes to mind. The first Superga sneaker was created under the care and attention of Walter Martiny well over 100 years ago in 1911. This was back in Turin, Italy where the factory produced shoes with vulcanized rubber soles, which is the Classic Superga 2750 style we all love and wear today.

After closing during the war, the Superga factory reopened with a mission to bring high quality footwear to the people of Italy. The 2750 became established as the people's shoe of Italy and has since become a global icon.

Updates on the 2750 shoe have been inspired by ever changing trends and the need for practical footwear. Superga has released the style in a variety of cool colour ways and new fabrications, from leather to classic canvas to fabric and even metallics. The 2750 style has transformed into slip-ons to flat-forms and mid-top versions, making it an easy and comfortable shoe knowing no boundaries.

Piper Lane stocks an extensive selection of Superga's must-have sneakers. Buy Superga sneakers crafted in classic canvas, leather, fabric or metallic, coming in an assortment of styles from slip-on, mid-top and flat-form.


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